Frequently Asked Questions

Why has McGill Advisors agreed to join Brightworth?

By joining Brightworth, who work with clients in more than 30 states, McGill Advisors can expand our investment and financial planning offerings, and share our combined best practice ideas to further improve the services and value we provide to our clients. The merger will also continue and reinforce a solid transition plan to ensure success and continuity for our clients and advisors in the years to come.

As a client, how will I benefit from this combination?

Brightworth has a depth of expertise in working with small business owners that will benefit McGill Advisors clients, and their investment management experience complements the wealth advisory team in Charlotte. In addition, clients of McGill Advisors will receive lower transaction fees at Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade.

Will I experience any changes?

There will be no immediate changes. McGill Advisors will continue to play an important role in The McGill & Hill Group. McGill Advisors employees will remain in Charlotte, and each client will continue to work with their existing wealth advisor or relationship manager. Both Brightworth and McGill Advisors are fee-only firms, and there will be no change to your current fee structure.

How will the management team in Charlotte be affected?

Bob Sytz will remain as McGill Advisors Division Partner-in-Charge and thus be a part of the Brightworth Management Committee. Jeff Harrell will serve on the Brightworth Investment Committee.

Is anyone from Atlanta moving to Charlotte?

No. However, wealth advisors and other employees in Charlotte will be able to call on their colleagues in Atlanta to provide additional expertise. If we believe one of our clients can benefit from the expertise of new Atlanta colleagues, we’ll ask them to assist us.

Will McGill Advisors change its name?

McGill Advisors will become a division of Brightworth. Once the merger has been approved, all communications will refer to the firm as “McGill Advisors, a division of Brightworth.”